Chasubles bergamo

Among the most common priestly vestments, the chasuble is certainly the best known and the one with the longest tradition.

Worn during the celebration of the Eucharist, it is the vestment worn by the priest celebrating the rite and it identifies the priest in the very act of celebrating Mass and all the rituals connected with it, from processions to weddings.

According to liturgical tailoring regulations, the alb, girdle and stole are also worn with the chasuble and, in the case of official masses, the dalmatic is also worn if the mass is celebrated by the bishop.


Solivari specialises in the production of Bergamo chasubles, designed for every liturgy and ritual need, but it is also a point of reference throughout the country and internationally. In the catalogue you can find the most solemn models, designed to be more generous and give more importance to the figure of the priest, and also modern chasubles, with a more rounded and sober cut, designed to follow the movements and not get in their way.

The chasuble, in fact, is a sacred clothing model that derives its origins from the ancient medieval liturgy and thus its shape and its cut incorporates the rounded, wide and comfortable shapes and the important necklines that once characterised liturgical clothing.

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La produzione comprende un’ampia scelta di casule da quelle più economiche a quelle ricamate a mano cercando sempre di dare al cliente la qualità e affidabilità della ditta Solivari.

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