Solivari has been a liturgical tailor for four generations, based in Bergamo but active throughout Italy and internationally.

Four generations did not start yesterday and the Solivari tradition has come a long way, with years of work experience. During these years, between the ups and downs of the economic history of our country, including the Second World War, we never pulled back and we always continued in our activities, without getting stuck in the shallows and risking ending up with nothing.

Liturgical clothing


A story in the field of ecclesiastical clothing that looks at the future standing firmly on solid foundations of experience and technological progress. The basic rules remain those taught by my father and handed down from father to son: great respect for work and maximum use of the human factor that is always at the centre of development.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing ecclesiastical robes and try to combine our historical experience of hand embroidery with new technologies to give our customers a wide choice of products.

All our products are characterised by quality materials that ensure their durability. Every item is produced according to liturgy and tradition without forgetting innovation and the study of new materials and finishes.

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